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A Simple Guide to Better Voicing

This book is intended as a sourcebook for teachers and professional voice users who want to use their speaking voice more efficiently. Voice problems are common in teaching professionals; sales and customer-service personnel; missionary preachers and people who have to use their voice constantly. Voice problems affect not only work, but also have a significant impact on social and personal life. One of the causes of voice problems in professional voice users is overuse or misuse of the voice. Voice problems can, however, be prevented with proper management of undesirable vocal behaviours and by using the natural voice more effectively and efficiently.

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The vocal behaviour management and vocal exercises described in this book are based on contemporary research findings and are proven to be effective. Practical suggestions given in this book help you to change your pattern of voice use to a more effective and efficient one.

A Simple Guide to Better Voicing Ebook

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Voice Exercise Video

This video contains 3 Physiological Exercises:</P

  • Progressive Relaxation Exercise (video time: 0:00)
  • Breathing Exercise (video time: 7:37)
  • Humming and projection (video time: 10:40)
Introduction of lip trill
Introduction of straw phonation

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